Camp Ireland Trail to first class weekend (Tony B.)
September 9, 2017
February 23, 2018 @ 6:00 pm – February 25, 2018 @ 11:00 am
Camp Ireland 31624 NW Camp Ireland St
OR 97124

Greetings troop :

This is a great opportunity to get some requirements completed for rank advancement.

Cost of this trip is $24.00.

Depart Mt. View Middle School (back parking lot) for Camp Ireland 31624 NW Camp Ireland St, Hillsboro, OR 97124 at 6:00pm (10.2 Miles) – Arrive at camp by 6:30pm

For evening trip departures Troop 870 recommends to eat dinner prior to departure or pack a sack dinner.

Return to MVMS by 2:30 pm Sunday 25-FEB-18.

Bring Your Scoutbook!

Other things to bring:
Camp chair
Rain gear
Water Bottle

Pack for Car camping:

Car Camping Checklist

Please have your pack ready for inspection prior to departure:
(Tenderfoot Req. 1A: Present yourself to your leader, prepared for an overnight camping trip.Show the personal and camping gear you will use. Show the right way topack and carry it.)

Trail to first class Weekend will focus on the following ranks:
2nd class
1st class

We will be able to accommodate older scouts that need to have requirements signed of for First class but those scouts need to come prepared – that means study your book for the requirements you need signed off and be prepared to demonstrate your knowledge of the requirements.

Scout rank instruction:
Mr. Babin –> 1a thru 1f and 4a & 4b
Cole Babin–> troop awareness; 2a thru 2d
David Rempel –> 3a – 3b (page 36 in scoutbook 12th edition- Patrol method )
Mr. Tollisen–> 5 (Page 403 in scoutbook 12th edition – pocket knife safety)

Parent or guardian–>6 ***Cyber chip requirement – there is a 5 minute video associated with this, signing an internet safety pledge, a written cyber contract with parents (should be done with parent) and then there is an activity that requires the scout teaching what they have learned… just click on the Cyber chip requirement link for details…

Tenderfoot rank instruction:
Mr. Babin –> 1a thru 1c (Camping & Outdoor Ethics)
Mr. Galloway –2a thru 2c (Cooking)
Mr. Babin –> 3a & 3b — will help 3d with sharpening of saw & ax. (Camping & Outdoor Ethics)
Mr. Tollisen –> 3c & 3d Tautline hitch – sharpening of knife etc.- page 384 & page 402 t0 409 scoutbook 12th edition
Mr. Coleman–> 4a thru 4d (First Aid and Nature)
Cole Babin –> 5a buddy system; page 39 & 62 scoutbook 12th edition
David Rempel –> 5b what to do when lost; page 282 & 283 scoutbook 12th edition
David Rempel–> 5c rules of safe hiking; page 279 scoutbook 12th edition
Mr. Babin –> 6a thru 6c (Fitness) – this will be a partial – we will start this on Saturday but scout will need to complete 30 day workout plan
Cole & David–> 7a display raise,lower and fold the US flag; page 72 – 76 scoutbook 12th edition (Ctitzenship)
Mr Rouse –> 8a (Leadership)
Mr. Babin–> 9 (Scout Spirit)

2nd Class rank instruction:
Mr. Babin –> 1a thru 1c (Camping & Outdoor Ethics)
Mr. Hollingsworth –> 2a thru 2e (Cooking & Tools)
Mr. Hollingsworth –>3a thru 3d (Navigation)
Mr.Coleman–> 4 (Nature)
Mr. Babin–> 5a thru 5d ( Aquatics) –This will need to be completed on another date at Aloha Swim Center- I will add to calendar 10-Mar-18 or 11-Mar-18.
Mr. Stegall–> 6a tru 6e ( first aid and emergency preparedness)
Complete at home–> 7a thru 7c
Cole Babin–> 8a & 8b (Citizenship)
Complete at home–> 8c thru 8e
David Rempel–> 9a & 9b (Personal Safety and Awareness)
Mr. Babin–> 10 (Scout Spirit)

Other items on agenda.
* Tent set up for new scouts
* Patrol box removal from trailer and set up for new scouts.
* Canopy set up for new scouts.
* Friday Night Flag Retirement Ceremony
* Saturday night campfire program with closing Flag Retirement ceremony
*Sunday 5 mile hike (2nd class requirement 3b)

Yours in Scouting,

Mr. Babin

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