Snow Shoeing/X-country Skiing (Todd T.)
September 9, 2017
January 27, 2018 @ 8:00 am – 6:30 pm
Trillium Lake National Forest Development Road 2612
Government Camp
OR 97028

Greetings Troop 870!

We will be snowshoeing or cross country skiing (your choice) around Trillium Lake on Saturday January 27th. This is a day trip so would be great for the whole family to come if siblings are interested.
If you are interested in coming I need to make reservations ideally by next weekend (Jan 14th) at Mountain Sports in Welches for our equipment rental. I can probably make rental arrangements after this but they may get short of equipment. Please let me know if you want snowshoes or cross country skis and height, weight, and age. I will be making group rental arrangements. Cost is $15 for age 12 and over and $10 for under 12. Cost for gas if you’re not driving up is $5 so total cost for the trip is $20 or $15 depending on age. I will have a signup at the troop meeting to get the necessary information or email me. This is a great location for beginners in either as the trail is relatively flat other than a steeper part at the beginning that can be walked down. This will be a fun trip, hope you can make it! See details below:


Drivers need a sno-park permit. I think they’re something like $3/day. You can buy one at Joe Donuts or at the ski shop.

Where To Ski/Snowshoe:
Trillium Lake has great views, is close, and is free. There is a hill at the beginning (you can walk it if you want to) and the trails are those made by other skiers.


· Leave Mountain View at 8am Saturday, Jan. 27th 2018.

· Stop at Joe Donuts in Sandy about 9am, if you want a donut, bring 4-6 quarters

· Arrive at Mountain Sports Ski Shop in Welches about 9:45am

· Arrive at parking lot by 11am. (Drivers will need sno-park permits.)

· Ski for an hour or two, stop for lunch, ski another hour or two, leave by 3pm. It would be good to leave by 3pm in order to beat Mt Hood Meadows traffic.

· Return our gear at the ski shop by 4pm

· Arrive back at Mountain View around 6pm

What To Bring:

· Lunch

· Water

· Layers of wool or synthetic clothing. Cotton is bad!

· Waterproof outerwear. It may rain. You will certainly fall down and it will be warm enough that you will get wet from falling on the snow. Even vinyl rain pants will be better than nothing. The idea is to stay dry.

· Mittens or gloves

· Extra gloves. Even the best gloves eventually get wet on the inside. Bring extra ones. You may find your gloves get wet from perspiration. I have a light pair that I use while skiing and a better, warmer pair I save for when we’re just standing around.

· Hat

· Lip balm

· 10 Essentials (see below)

· Day pack to hold your lunch and Ten Essentials (see below)

· (optional) camera

· (optional) hand warmers

· (optional) money for a donut

Being Prepared:

· The roads may not be clear. It is always mandatory to carry chains or have traction tires. It may be necessary to actually use chains.

· Mountain weather is notoriously unpredictable. Prepare for the worst-case scenario.

·There is a slight chance of rain. Therefore you should assume it will rain. And it will obviously be a cold rain if it does happen. Waterproof outerwear is imperative.

·Ten Essentials: Assume something will go wrong. Assume someone will get hurt. Assume we will be there longer than we planned. To that end, consider the following:

o Extra food

o Extra water

o Extra clothes, especially gloves and socks. Layers are good because you’ll be warm while skiing vigorously but if you have to stand around for long periods in an emergency, you’ll be glad to have some extra layers.

o Whistle (signaling device)

o Fire starter (camp stoves work well for this and you can use it for a hot lunch too!)

o First aid kit. Moleskin may be needed since you will be in rental shoes that may not fit well

o Cell phone. There is pretty good coverage in the Trillium Lake basin.

o Sun glasses or goggles and sunscreen

o Rain gear or waterproof outerwear

o Compass

o Map (I will provide these)

o Pocketknife or multipurpose tool

o Headlamp (for travelling in the dark in an emergency)


You can email me until about 4:30pm Friday afternoon. After that call my cell.

Yours in Scounting,
Todd Thompson, Troop 870 ASM
(503) 702-0207 mobile

For more information please visit: HTTP://