Summer Camp Staff Interviews
January 8, 2018
February 3, 2018 @ 9:00 am – 12:00 pm
LDS Church 10300 SE 132 AVE Happy Valley
OR. 97086

Interested in working this summer at one of the camps offered in the Cascade Pacific Council?

Cole Babin was a staffer at Camp Ireland Cubscout Day Camp in Hillsboro last summer and had such a great time he is working there again this summer!

Scouts Signed up so far:
Brendan Cook
Jake Thompson
Cole Babin

Class “A” uniform required for interview.

If you are interested check out the link below:

The items below can be found at the link above.
BSA Job Application – fill this out prior to Saturday morning
Code of conduct – Print this out an sign it prior to Saturday morning and bring it with your application

DAY CAMP: Must be age 14 by June 15, 2017
Age 14 can serve at day camps only as volunteer staff in training.
Age 15 can serve as full time paid staff at day camps.

Resident Camps: Must be age 15 by June 15, 2017.
Age 15 can serve at overnight camps as volunteer staff in training.
Age 16 and up can serve as full time paid staff at any camp.

If your interested in applying let me know.
I’m taking Cole for an interview 02/03/18 you can carpool with us if you want to apply!

This is a great opportunity to develop some leadership skills!

Yours in Scouting,

Mr. Babin

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