Cancelled–> PLC Meeting
September 9, 2017
January 3, 2018 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Meet at Murray Hills Christian Church 15050 SW Weir Rd
OR. 97007

Greetings Troop 870 :

The PLC meeting is canceled tonight.
We did a double PLC last month and there is only one meeting to plan for February 26th 2018 .
We will be working on the Personal Management Merit Badge January 8th, 22nd & 29th, February 12th & 19th.
We can plan the 02-26-18 meeting at the PLC 05-FEB-18 along with the March Meetings.

That being said – please review the troop calendar and come prepared if you are scheduled to present on a topic for the Personal Management Merit Badge.

(SPL/ASPL/PL and Scribe are required to attend)

February Meetings to plan for:
02-12-18 – Personal Management Merit Badge
02-19-18 – Personal Management Merit Badge
02-26-18 – ??

SPL: Tristan Tollisen
ASPL: David Rempel
Historian: Nathnael Steagall
Scribe: Matthew Coningsby
Chaplain Aide: Cole Babin
Quartermaster: Cole Babin
Librarian: Preston Rouse
OA Rep: Tristan Tollisen

Phoenix Patrol Leader: Ben Jones Assistant PL: Brennen James
Irish Potato’s Patrol Leader: Daniel Everett Assistant PL: Jake Thompson
Ninjas Patrol Leader: Connor Buzan Assistant PL: Trung Pham
BakinBears: Patrol Leader: Nathan Verrett Assistant PL: Gabe Ray
No Name: Patrol Leader: Sam Coleman Assistant PL: Yuki Takeuchi

Closing Flag: PLC

Leadership team please come prepared to discuss events focused on the Skill for the month.
This is not the time to think up ideas its the time to present them.
This meeting is focused on the Troop Scout Leadership team, but it open to all scouts and parents to observe.

For more information please visit: HTTP://