Troop 870 is Boy Led.  As such, the Scouts provide the majority of the Troop leadership.  The adults’ role is to enable the Scouts to successfully lead and to ensure a safe and fun environment for all Scouts.

Troop Meetings:

The Troop Meetings are lead by the Senior Patrol Leader with assistance from the other Scout leaders.  These meetings usually include a mixture of skill development and fun activities. The Scouts also meet as patrols when needed to plan upcoming outings.  Troop Meetings are held on most Mondays as specified in the Troop Calendar.  Meetings are held at Mountain View Middle School in the cafeteria during the school year and in the parking lot during summer break (cover is available).

Patrol Leader Committee (PLC):

The Troop’s Scout leaders form the PLC.  The PLC Meetings are lead by the Senior Patrol Leader with support from the Scoutmaster.  The PLC plans the upcoming Troop Meetings.  The PLC Meetings are usually held the first Monday of each month at Mountain View Middle School.   Note: The PLC Meeting replaces the regular Troop Meeting.

Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmasters (ASMs):

The Scoutmaster and ASMs are responsible for providing the scout program to the scouts.  This including supporting the scout leadership, leading outings, providing skill instruction, etc.

Troop Committee:

The Troop Committee maintains the Troop infrastructure including advancement, fundraising, recruiting, equipment, etc..  Troop Committee Meetings are held the first Tuesday of each month. See the Troop Calendar for the location.