It’s that time of year again!

Scout Troop 870 is ready to COLLECT and RECYCLE
Christmas Trees to give back to the community;
our way of saying THANK YOU for supporting our Troop!


Scout Troop 870 accepts donations. The donations are used for trips, activities, and gear. For 2020, all donations will support our summer camp, snow caving, crabbing, horseback riding, and our 50-mile backpacking trip. If you would like to donate to our Troop, please make cash or check payable to Troop 870 placed in a plastic bag tied to your tree.

Fill out the form BELOW
to sign-up for your tree recycle date!

Please make sure to leave your tree in your driveway
before 9 am on your pickup day.

Thank you for supporting
the Scouts of Troop 870!